• Welcome to Executive Bliss

    Recognising Stillness in Business

Welcome to Executive Bliss, where we offer bespoke Wellbeing talks, Meditation courses, and Retreats, both online and in person to Individuals and Businesses within the Corporate Sector. Founded by Andre Berry, our mission is to help people find balance, peace, and wellbeing in their busy lives.

At Executive Bliss, we understand the challenges that come with balancing work, personal life, and self-care. That’s why we offer customised programs and retreats designed to meet the unique needs of each individual and organisation we work with. 

Whether you’re an individual looking to reduce stress and improve your overall well being, or a business seeking to boost the productivity and wellbeing of your employees, we can create a program that’s tailored to your specific needs.

With our expert guidance, you’ll learn to develop meditative skills and other techniques to help, reduce stress and anxiety, improve focus and productivity, and find a greater sense of peace and balance in your daily life. Our programs and retreats are designed to help you cultivate lasting positive changes that will benefit you long after the program or retreat is over.

“The benefits to my well-being of having undertaken the course are being felt everyday in so many ways. I would have no hesitation in recommending Andre to anyone thinking of signing up for one of his courses.”

“I recently completed an online meditation course with Andre. The technique has been easy to use and has led me to deep insight about myself. Andre is obviously dedicated and passionate about what he teaches which is inspiring.”

“I found the process truly transformative finding huge benefits within my meditation practice, as well as, within my daily experiences. I have felt calmer, have been able to manage stress more effectively and have more happiness and joy in my life.”

A little bit about me and my work

Constantly challenged by the pressures of corporate life,  Andre realised there must be easier and better ways of dealing with the stresses brought on by his natural desire to succeed!

With that in mind in 2008, he began to immerse himself into modern as well as alternative therapies to gain greater understanding of how the body works in order to discover how to make the most of ourselves.

He was particularly drawn to the Vedic Tradition, an ancient Indian Tradition which has introduced many of us to Ayurveda, Meditation and Yoga, all of which are now practiced widely across the world today.

By incorporating what he learnt he now leads a busy, but balanced life that not only fulfills his lofty expectations but more importantly with increasing happiness with each passing day.

Andre now spends much of his time promoting the benefits of Stress Free Living, Meditation and Yoga to a whole host of Individuals, Businesses, Governmental Departments and other Charities and Associations.

He also teaches Transcendental Meditation of which he is trained as an Independent Teacher and is both founder of Andre Berry Meditation and Executive Bliss.

Visit www.andreberrymeditation.co.uk for more information on TM.